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    Our Creative Talent.  


Sabina Cvitković, a Ph.D. candidate in place branding, founded the company with a clear mission to help startups and small to medium enterprises in marketing efforts, particularly in launching new services and products on the market. In addition, she desires to provide the partners with a rounded customer experience and serve as a strategic consultant who becomes an extension of the partner's core team beyond the traditional partnership. Sabina has over ten years of experience in the industry; she has served as an executive marketing and PR strategist for a media company and high-profile public figures in Croatia. She is a member of the Croatian Public Relations Association (HUOJ) since 2010 and The Institute of Place Management (Manchester, UK) since 2017.


The team at Kohlmann Communications includes:

Krešimir Sočković (Communications consultant),

Emir Džanić, Ph.D (Strategic consultant),

Artem Dushkin (Head of audio-visual production),

Sara Kühnöhl (Art director),

Dolores Ljubić (Head designer),

Sonja Janson Körwers (Designer),

Marko Rogulja, Msc (IT solutions).