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About Kohlmann. 

We are a one-stop-shop marketing agency that primarily works with startups and small to medium enterprises that have undersized budgets and are pre-revenue, i.e., pre-profit, and thus, unable to pay the premium price for the services. We emphasize cost-effectiveness in all marketing efforts, including brand and marketing strategy, communication consulting, creative design, and complete audio-visual production. 
One-Stop Approach

As a brand-building and growth-driven company, we provide an innovative one-stop-shop approach, meaning that under one roof, our partners get state-of-the-art service guided by the holistic understanding of all brand and business development efforts. The benefits of having such a one-stop-shop approach are cost-effectiveness, integrated solutions, and unified process and communication across all stages of a company's growth. And yes, we call our clients partners because we grow together by developing and maintaining long-term relationships.


What is a brand? Who and what can be considered as a brand? To us, a brand is a set of associations that people attach to products, services, people, cities, regions, nations, political parties with the ultimate goal of providing a unique customer experience, customer loyalty, and strong emotional ties. We establish brand positioning and values to build customer-based brand equity, develop a visual identity, design specific strategies that focus on extending or/and revitalizing and reinforcing existing brands and plan and implement brand marketing programs through integrated marketing communications to build brand equity.

AV Production

Video is the most potent content format in digital strategy and brand communication tools of the 21st century. Video enables a company to tap into a massive pool of potential customers who can give their eyes a rest from the overabundance of textual information and informational garbage online. In addition, video enables greater emotional connection with a brand, twice as a better engagement than with photography, allows for a stronger impression and emotional attachment to the brand, 60% more audience preference, 30% more chances content to go viral, easier sharing across multiple platforms, better SEO results and search engine visibility, and faster return on investment.

Communications Consulting

Communication is a tool for market performance that makes a difference. We provide business communication and presentation training programs and workshops for managers and public figures to help these stand out on the oversaturated market. Our programs combine personal branding, public relations, verbal and nonverbal skills, crafting and influencing effective public attention. Our leading communication trainer is Krešimir Sočković, with years of experience in the media.

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